• Yale Bowl

    The Yale Bowl, which opened in November 1914, is a truly spectacular football stadium: 930 feet long, 750 feet wide, covering 12 1/2 acres. It has a seating capacity of over 70,000, with every seat having an unobstructed view of the field.

  • Old Campus

    Old Campus

    The Old Campus quadrangle on the block west of the New Haven Green features a large courtyard, long walkways, and a grand entrance from the green at Phelps Gate. Among its dormitories, classrooms, chapels, and offices is Yale’s (and New Haven’s) oldest building, Connecticut Hall (1750–52).

  • Harkness Tower

    Harkness Memorial Tower, completed in 1921, was at the time the tallest (216 feet) freestanding masonry tower in the country. This prominent Yale icon contains a 54-bell carillon that is played daily by student and professional carillonneurs.

  • Betts House

    Betts House

    Completed in 1868 and designed by Henry Austin, the 21,000-square-foot mansion is considered it the best example of Second French Empire Revival architecture in the city of New Haven.

  • Yale Cross Campus

    Yale Cross Campus

    Considered the heart of the University, Cross Campus consists of an urban axis flanked by traditional Yale Colleges and the iconic Sterling Memorial Library.



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